Botanical Garden

The Botanical garden was more than 150 years old. But it attracts old and young with all its colorful plants, flowers, the vast sprawling and well groomed lawn. It was laid out in 1847 by the Marquis of Tweedale, the then Governor of Madras Presidency. He called for the help of Mr.W.G McIvor who was in Royal Botanical garden in Kew. He took ten years to develop it into present shape
Perhaps this is the best maintained Botanical garden in India. It houses the cork tree-believed to be the only one in India, the monkey puzzle tree- the tree avoided by monkeys, the paper bark tree, 20 million old fossil tree- stone tree, groomed bushes, fern trees, orchids, glass house garden, ponds, Italian garden, and thousands of rare protected plants.The Italian garden was the work of prisoners of war from Italy.The garden has a vast 22 hectares of - green and lush area. It has five sections- Lower garden, new garden, Italian Garden, conservatory and Nurseries. The nurseries have eight glass houses and terraces. The annual Flower Show in the month of May attracts Thousands and thousands of people from all corners of India and abroad.The garden is well maintained by Horticulture department. Nature is preserved and beautified with the aesthetic sense of man in this garden. To believe this, justMake a visit and then you will understand the meaning of ‘a thing of beauty is joy for ever’.

Ooty Lake

The Lake in Ooty the center of tourist attraction. The lake adds an extra measure of glamour to the hill station. It covers an area of 65 acres and was constructed by John Sullivan in 1824. The Boat house alongside the lake offers boating facilities to tourists. In summers, boat races and pageantry are organized at the lake.

Rose Garden

Rose garden is located on the slopes of Elk Hill. The over four hectares of land has got five terrace farming. The garden has over 2800 species of roses. The department of Horticulture does the maintenance of the garden. It is one of the best gardens in South Asia.

Government Museum

Set up in the year 1989, this museum is an Ooty tourist attraction specifically for its collection of tribal objects and artifacts.

Lamb's rock

This is a view point in Ooty from where one can get beautiful views of the vast lush green tea estates. It makes an excellent picnic spot. Named after Captain Lamb who tried to open a path to that point, the Lamb's rock is an uneven cliff which drops down to the jungle below.

Doddapetta peak:

If anybody asks you that whether the plains of Coimbatore could be seen from Ooty which is 105 Kms away, your reply may be negative. But we can have a look at the distant Coimbatore plains from a height of 2623 meters. Yes! We can trek or go by any vehicle to Doddapetta which is 10 Kms from Ooty. Doddapetta means- that clouds often meet and rest at this peak of the mountains. The peak hides itself amidst the friendly clouds or fog. If the sky is clear, you are sure to have a sight of long distant plains of Mysore and Coimbatore; let luck favors you. Even otherwise we are blessed with breathtaking views with lofty and green mountains around us. Tamilnadu Tourism Corporation has fixed telescopes and allows people to look at the distant beauties like hills, valley, buildings, greens and forests.The path to peak is dotted with dense green reserve forests and tea gardens; a grand colorful buffet to eyes!

Dolphin’s Nose View Point

This point is located 10 Kms away from Coonoor. It is approachable from Ooty as well.The shape of this rocky point looks like a Dolphine’s Nose. One can have magnificent views of Catherine water Falls and Kotagiri Hills from here. May be one needs a thousand eyes to enjoy the panoramic feast in front of your eyes. A nice picnic spot!

Pykara Lake and Water Falls

If we travel about 19 Kms from Ooty we will become awestruck at the sight of Pykara Lake and the dam surrounded by forests and high mountain ranges. There is a Hydro power Station. Boating is available. The atmosphere is cool and serene. If one has luck they can sight at Bison and herds of elephants coming from the distant forests for drinking water.

The water falls is down the river. The sloping mountains and thick forests form the banks of the river. We can enjoy the majestic looking and friendly falls. It is one of the main spots for cinema shooting and is famous among tourists.

Mudumalai Wildlife sanctuary

It is a peaceful home for many verities of fauna like elephants, panther, deer, bison, wild boar, barking deer, porcupine; reptiles like king cobra, python and flying lizard; birds like mynahs, bulbuls, whistling thrush, fowls etc. It is spread over an area 321 sq. Kms and situated at north western part of Nilgiris.Mayar water falls, Theppakad Elephant camp are places not to be missed in you program when you go to Mudumalai.Get the right permission from Forest department in advance and join the trekking or Jeep safari or Elephant safari. Just go into the forest; enjoy the calm and secluded atmosphere; inhale the pure air full of oxygen; taste the natural and free flowing stream water.One can reach Mudumalai from Ooty by vehicles. It is in the junction of the three states Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu. If you are lucky and you happen to meet the elephants or other animals try to have a hand shake with them. For Information Visit