Mother Durga represents three powers (shakti or energy) called Itcha Sakti, Gnana Sakti and Kriya Sakti. Thre are three deities in the temple representing each of these powers in the form of Mari, Kali and Katteri and this is a rare type in a single temple. Kali, though described furious, is very calm and smiling in the temple.

A thread called Mudikayiru prepared with Mantras in the Katteri Amman shrine is believed to protect the devotee from evil looks, illness, magic spells, witchcraft effects etc. This is mostly used to protect children. Women wear it for child boon. The thread is also used to protect cattle. ooty mariamman temple ooty mariamman temple

An incident is narrated related with the formation of this temple. According to it every tuesday merchants from Coimabatore came to this region to trade with the local tribals. On one of this day two sisters travelling from north reached market. They had divine look and manner. ooty mariamman temple ooty mariamman temple

When they asked for a place to stay, they were told to stay under a nearby tree. They did not knew that the sisters were Goddesses. A lightning or flash of light appeared near the tree and the sisters disappeared.

Then the people understood that the sisters were divine forms and built a temple for Goddess Kaliamman and Mariamman together. It is the Mariamman temple seen today. It is the only place where both goddess are seen together. Even today people gather at market on Tuesday and worship Goddess Mariamman on their way returning from market. ooty mariamman temple ooty mariamman temple ooty mariamman temple